Treat Yourself

Last month I wrote a post about how much I love autumn. I’m going to level with you now (we’ve become close this year, so I know I can) – I am at my happiest season-wise after the clocks go back, when the heating is on and with the curtains drawn.

I love summer (I’m not seasonist) but when the temperature sinks, you can breathe like a dragon and the promise of Christmas is but a whiff of mulled wine away, I come into my own.

The weather may turn a little grim, the air may be a little crisper but like a professional trouble-shooter, I am ready for anything. I have the boots, I have the gloves, I have the fluffy socks, the bobble hat and the duvet-type coat. I know what to do when life is less than perfect.

I am the woman who wrote a book called Not Quite Perfect after all. In it, sisters Emma and Rachel are starting to get the feeling that life is less than perfect, that the grass is possibly a little greener elsewhere. Obviously, if they were friends with me, I would soon teach them that a less than perfect day can be soothed away with the right treat.

For I am all about the treats, particularly when the weather gets chilly. And as we all know that treats are better when you’ve earned them, I’m going to share my top five for the end of a not quite perfect day.

You work hard, my friends – you deserve this.

  1. Donning a pair of warmed pyjamas fresh from a toasty radiator.
  2. A plate of hot-buttered toast enjoyed in front of an episode of Downton Abbey.
  3. Sinking into a bath of Heavenly Gingerlily Molten Brown loveliness (Mr. Matey also works well) with your book of choice.
  4. A Double Decker and an episode of Gogglebox.
  5. Stuffed crust pizza and a glass or two of Malbec whilst watching Saturday night Strictly, preferably with family, friends or both.

And if that hasn’t got you in the mood, my lovely publisher Carina and I would like to spoil you rotten in a competition to win a signed copy of my bestseller, Not Quite Perfect and a special treat.

To enter you just have to RT & follow me and post a pic on Twitter of your favourite treat after a #notquiteperfect day. Simples.


Good luck & keep treating yourself!


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