The Secrets Between Sisters Cover Reveal

I love a makeover.

I love the sense of possibility that leaps into my brain at the word. For some reason, I immediately conjure up the Disney fairy-godmother and the sweeping ease with which she transforms Cinderella.



One of the best things about makeovers is the way that you can apply them to so many areas of your life.

Realise you’ve had that Rachel hair-cut for one decade too many?

Time for a Kate Middleton makeover!

Decided that the block-colour pairing of midnight blue and lime green in your son’s bedroom is hurting your eyes?

Fetch me the Dulux paint chart – we’re doing the DIY makeover challenge!

And so it is with books. Every few years, they become out-dated. They start to look as tired as a toddler after a day at the funfair. They need a re-think. They need the book equivalent of a spa day.

I am therefore absolutely delighted to announce that ‘Dear Lizzie’ is having just such a makeover.

This was my second book following hot on the heels of ‘Not Quite Perfect’. It tells the story of Lizzie, whose beloved sister Bea dies leaving her twelve letters to be read one a month over the course of the following year. Bea’s dying wish is that these letters will bring her sister the happiness she lacks. However, they also unlock the secrets that have remained hidden for so long within the sisters’ family and it is these secrets that will change Lizzie’s world forever.

In light of these themes and the darker, more intriguing side to Lizzie and Bea’s story, those clever, clever HQ editors and designers have transformed both title and cover and given the book the most stunning makeover.

And I am slightly over-excited to be able to show you the new look below.

Isn’t it a beauty?


If you’ve already read this book, thank you – you are one of my favourite people.

If you are intrigued by Lizzie and Bea’s story and would like to read it, you can click to buy here.

Happy reading, chums.



4 thoughts on “The Secrets Between Sisters Cover Reveal

  1. It’s a gorgeous cover. And I totally agree that older books need it, particularly if they were designed according to current trends. Mine weren’t, but I really should get on it…. re the new title, do you worry about readers thinking, oh great, a new Annie Lyons book, and then being really pissed off when they discover it’s one they’ve already read? I’ve had that happen a couple of times, years ago (Jackie Collins and Emily Barr!).

    Worth it for that fab cover, tho!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Terry – I’m really pleased with the whole package! As for the readers, hopefully they will understand but happily you can’t buy the same ebook twice (your device will helpfully draw your attention to this) so that should prevent people getting caught out. I think it’s worth it too!


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