Introducing my next book

Last week I finished the final checks on my new book and I as I pressed ‘send’, pinging my beloved word-baby back to my editor, I was struck with two unexpected emotions.

The first was sheer panic. This is the fourth work of fiction I will publish so I am used to this but it never seems to lessen. My panic stems from the worry that

a) it is crap and all readers will hate it,

b) I have left a litany of typos for reviewers to pounce upon and use as mean review ammunition and

c) I have accidentally and inexplicably typed a big swear word during a key moment in the action.

Yes, I am aware that I think, worry and fantasise too much. I think it comes with the job.

The other, more unexpected emotion was sadness. I suddenly realised how much I am going to miss Cat Nightingale. I have lived with this character for the best part of a year. I gave birth to her (okay, bit weird – let’s say I dreamt her up), got to know her and actually, got to love her too. We had a laugh, shed a good many tears and put a few things in order.

So it feels strange that I won’t be hanging out with her anymore, working out what she’ll say or do next and watching how she’ll sort those conundrums and conflicts I threw her way. I miss her but I know it’s time for her be unleashed on the world. I’ve done my bit and it’s time for other people to read and hopefully enjoy her story.

I am therefore delighted to announce that Cat Nightingale will be with you soon. Her story is told in Life or Something Like It, which will be published by Carina on 13th July.

I hope you’ll grow to love her as much as I do.




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