My really quite perfect book

Two and a half years ago I nearly gave up. I had tried for years to find a publisher for my first book. I knew it was a long shot. First books don’t get published. They remain hidden on hard drives; little dreams tucked away in digital boxes.

But then again. Sometimes dreams do become reality.

I’ve told the story of how ‘Not Quite Perfect’ came to be (see my post from 2nd March for a story with a happy ending). I still can’t believe that something I began to scribble at a creative writing group in a dingy south-east London classroom went on to become a number one bestseller.

Well the news gets better and better, because today is the day my first-born book (she’s all grown up – sniff!) is published in French!

I know.

It is now available as an actual French book with real French words inside (I’ve checked).

Merci beaucoup Harlequin France and well done for not asking me to translate it.

I am delighted to share this moment with you, my friends. Today, the Darcy sisters are off on a French adventure and I just know they’re going to have a ball.

Presque Parfait


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