A blog about a blog

‘You should start blogging.’

‘Should I?’

‘Definitely. Go on WordPress. It’s dead easy.’

‘Easy you say?’

‘As falling off a horse.’

Unfortunately, I am the kind of person who if I were ever to accidentally find myself on a horse (and frankly getting onto a horse is never done accidentally), I would cling on with grim determination until the whole thing was over. Falling off anything is not an option. It was fine when I was a child; scabby knees and bruised shins came with the territory but I am forty now. I like to steer a steady and safe passage through life. Bicycles are my limit and only if the path is flat and traffic-free.

But I digress. Back to WordPress and its simplicity. I imagine it is simple for some people; for those who understand widgets or the difference between a ‘menu’ and a ‘page’ (still no idea) or what a domain, cache or a cookie is. I am not one of those people. I’ll be honest, reader friend (you’re two paragraphs in so I feel I can call you that), I find it baffling and a little exhausting.

And this has led me to something of an epiphany. I find life pretty baffling and exhausting. I long to be an organised sort of person expertly juggling all the balls with calm ease. Instead, I am mildly chaotic, often late and occasionally one of the balls I’ve thrown into the air hits me squarely on the head. But I’ve got a theory here (I’m a big theorist, you will see as we embark on this blogging journey together). I don’t think I’m alone. I suspect there are others who are similarly baffled and really quite tired.

So this is a blog for the confused, bewildered and those with too many ‘to do’ lists. If you are a sorted, organised individual who is always on the ball and never off the boil, be a treasure and keep it to yourself.


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