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The Air Raid Book will be published in the UK and US on the 11th of July. It tells the story of Gertie Bingham, owner of Bingham Books. It’s 1938 and Gertie’s in a quandary. Her beloved husband, Harry died two years earlier and having fallen out of love with books, reading and bookselling, Gertie is thinking about retiring to the coast with her faithful Labrador, Hemingway. One day she’s approached by her husband’s oldest friend, Charles, who asks her to take in a child fleeing Nazi Germany. To begin with Gertie is reluctant but soon realises that she has to help and fifteen-year-old Hedy Fischer arrives in her life. This is their story from difficult beginnings to the bonds they form through a shared love of reading, to the way they support their community by launching the Air Raid Book Club. This is also a book about communities and the power of books and reading and the way that stories have a unique ability to comfort and offer escape when the world is dark.

Praise for The Air Raid Book Club:

‘…a warm and tender tale about the power and healing of friendship and community and the magic of books. A diverse cast of characters are drawn together through Gertie and her bookshop, and in the face of all the fear and uncertainty that war brings they find strength in unity, and escape and solace in books. Annie writes her characters with humanity, humour and respect and their stories will stay with me for a very long time. A wonderful, heart-warming read.’ — Ruth Hogan

I loved this . . . a sweet and nourishing ode to books that historical fiction fans will love’ – Kate Thompson

A charming, uplifting story of resourceful women and the healing power of books’ – Clare Chambers

‘A tender, touching and utterly heart-warming tale’ – Sarah Steele

‘Annie Lyons has cleverly woven the horror and heartbreak of war with the resilience of human nature, the strength of love, and the importance of friends . . . perfect for fans of Lissa Evans and AJ Pearce‘ – Kerry Barrett

‘This is a book to be read and re-read – each time there will be something new to discover . . . a triumph’ – Celia Anderson

Warm and nostalgic . . . This story of love, bravery and found family is heart-wrenching and utterly charming. I sobbed my way through the final chapters‘ – Fiona Lucas

‘A wonderful story of strong female friendship and found family . . . I absolutely adored it’ – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Real reader review

A gentle, heartwarming read . . . [with] two main characters who are lovely ordinary people living in remarkable times’ – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Real reader review

[A] beautiful depiction of a community striving to survive and thrive together . . . I came to love the many characters and I felt like I, too, would be welcomed into their book club’ – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Real reader review

‘One of my favourite books ever . . . reading this beautiful, heartfelt, heartbreaking, but yet promising story leaves me feeling hope for the human spirit‘ – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Real reader review

UK edition: https://www.hachette.co.uk/titles/annie-lyons/the-air-raid-book-club/9781035401024/

US edition: https://www.harpercollins.com/products/the-air-raid-book-club-annie-lyons?variant=40998897582114

Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett_HC - cover

Published in September 2020, this is the story of Eudora Honeysett. At the age of eighty five she is done with this noisy, moronic world. She sets a plan in motion to bring an end to her life on her terms. However, she hasn’t reckoned on the influence of Rose Trewidney, who moves in with her family next door and decides that Eudora would make an excellent new best friend. As Eudora is reluctantly persuaded to embark on a series of adventures with Rose and their affable, recently widowed neighbour, Stanley, she is forced to rethink her life and the past history which has haunted her since childhood.

Praise for Eudora Honeysett:

The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett is an exquisitely poignant tale of life, friendship and facing death. In the latter, the author dares to explore a subject that many shy away from, but she does so with touching sensitivity, gentle humour and absolute honesty. Eudora’s courage, dignity and wry sense of fun are beautifully drawn as she takes the reader on the heart-breaking yet ultimately uplifting journey of her life and death. Everyone should read this book.’
Ruth Hogan, author of Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel

‘Lyons’ characters are unique and wonderful, portrayed with a depth that allows readers to understand their motivations and empathize with them. . . . And yet the trio’s unlikely camaraderie has the power to rejuvenate them all, showing that good friendship makes life worth living. A sensitive examination of human connections that can both damage and heal.’
Kirkus Reviews

US edition;

UK edition

Eudora UK final cover

Cover - The Happiness List

Published in 2018, The Happiness List tells the story of three different women from very different generations and backgrounds.

Heather is in her twenties and has just moved to Hope Street, close to where her late mother grew up. She is convinced that her forthcoming marriage to fiancé Luke will bring her everything she needs in life, if only she can persuade him to spend less time at work.

Fran is in her early forties and since being widowed two years ago, has done her best to bring up her teenage son, Jude and ten-year-old daughter, Charlie alone, whilst deflecting her own grief with darkly sarcastic wit.

Star-baker and community stalwart, Pamela is in her mid-sixties and is fed up with being taken for granted by her garden-fanatic husband and grown-up children. She’s ready to step out of her comfort zone and try something new.

With these three characters, I wanted to explore how people’s versions of happiness change depending on their age and circumstances and also how different generations learn from one another.

I loved writing this book because it enabled me to return to Hope Street and tell a new and fresh story about friendship, community and how important they are in bringing us happiness.

Waterstones;  Amazon UKAmazon US;  iTunes ; Kobo

Felicity Everett

Praise for The Happiness List:

‘Happy, hopeful and joyously life-affirming. Exactly the book we need right now.’

Cathy Bramley, Sunday Times bestselling author

‘A must-read of the summer!’

Jenny Oliver, bestselling author of The Summer House by the Sea

‘A wonderful story of love, friendship, self-examination, betrayal, grief and most of all, hope!’

Judy Wong on Amazon


This is a story which is very close to my heart because it’s all about community, music, hope and cake.

The two main characters, Natalie and Caroline are in desperate need of hope.

Nat’s husband has just said the six words no-one wants to hear – ‘I don’t love you any more’, whilst Caroline’s estranged elderly mother has to move into her house turning her perfectly ordered world upside down. As they come together to form the choir to try and save Hope Street hall, they discover that you often find hope where you least expect it.

Waterstones; Amazon UK; Amazon US; Kobo; iTunes;

Praise for The Choir on Hope Street:

‘This is a wonderful story of hope, friendship, love and finding yourself. I loved it.’

– Karen Whittard, Goodreads

‘..it’s about family and friendship, it’s about having faith and strength even when you get knocked down.’

– Dash Fan, Goodreads

‘The Choir on Hope Street gave me the belief that those perfect books exist.’

Rebecca Minton, reader and blogger

LOSLI COVER - high res

This was my third novel, which came out in 2015. It tells the story of Cat Nightingale, who is something of a reluctant heroine. She loves her job in PR working for Hemingway Media, the company she founded with best friend (and secret love), Jesse Hemingway. She is unapologetically single and child-free and completely happy with her five-star life. When a PR launch ends in disaster, she is forced to step back from her job for a while. This coincides with her beloved brother needing someone to look after his ten-year-old son and six-year-old daughter for the summer. Enter Auntie Cat, childcare rookie, who thinks the whole experience will be a breeze and that she can saunter back to her old life without a care once the storm has passed. She’s in for quite a bumpy ride and a summer that will change her life forever. I loved writing Cat’s story. I liked the idea of a woman who doesn’t want children being thrown into that world. The scenes with Ellie and Charlie were particularly fun to write because they make her see the world in a different, sometimes humorous,  but always truthful way. It’s a far cry from her previously ordered existence and a huge shock to the system. Cat is forced to take a step back and look again at her life.

Let’s face it – we all need to do that sometimes.

Amazon UKAmazon US;  Google Play; Kobo

Praise for Life or Something Like It:

‘Thought-provoking yet light, funny and romantic.’

B.R. Maycock

‘I loved the way the book flowed and the clear sense of humour within it.’

Rachel Gilbey

‘..would not be out of place sitting beside Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Ahern and Lindsey Kelk.’

Gemma Harding


The Secrets Between Sisters (originally published as Dear Lizzie) was my second novel, published in 2014. It’s the story of two very different but devoted sisters, Bea and Lizzie Harris. Bea is the confident, accomplished one with a brilliant career, loving husband and young son. Lizzie is lonely and alone, estranged from the rest of her family but still in touch with her big sister, who acts as her guide and confidante through life. When Bea dies, Lizzie is devastated but her sister leaves her a parcel containing twelve letters to be opened one a month, for the next year. They contain Bea’s final wishes for her sister; wishes which she hopes will make Lizzie happy but which also contain secrets that will change her life forever.

Amazon UKAmazon US; Google Play; Kobo

This book was also published in French in 2016.


French edition

Praise for The Secrets Between Sisters:

…I literally could not put it down meaning that virtually nothing else got done as I just had to keep on reading to find out how it would all turn out in the end.’

Sharon, Shaz’s Book Blog

Annie Lyons has proven to be a skilled and extremely talented writer with this book, it truly is something special. She hits on so many emotions all at once that you honestly don’t know if you are coming or going.‘ 

Natalie, The Book Geek Wears Pyjamas 

Not Quite Perfect cover

This was my first novel published in July 2013. It tells the story of the Darcy sisters – Emma and Rachel. Emma is an editor for a book publisher, about to get married and on the cusp of a very promising career. Rachel is her older sister, married with three children and very much the stay at home Mum. They’re both at very different stages of their lives but are both wondering if this is it or if there is something better out there and when temptation comes their way, things start to go a bit pear-shaped. Throw in an overbearing mother, a genial father, bossy godmother and a crazy Swiss lady called Christa and you’ve got yourself what people tell me is a funny, true and tiny bit heartbreaking novel.

Praise for Not Quite Perfect:

‘Annie has written one of the best books I have read all year.’

Rebecca, Forever Between The Pages

Annie Lyons created a beautifully written book with heart and soul.’

Robyn, Elder Park Books

Waterstones; Amazon UKAmazon US; Google Play; Kobo

French edition – Amazon France

Presque Parfait

NQP Christmas Cover (gorgeous)

This is my Christmas novella which sees the Darcy sisters hit New York with their mother Diana and the irrepressible Lily in tow. I wrote this because

a. I love Christmas and

b. I love New York and

c. I love the Darcy family

and thought they deserved a treat so it includes cocktails in Manhattan (with Christa making a star guest appearance), ice-skating in Central Park and a fabulous finale at the Russian Tea-Rooms plus a surprise happy ending for two characters in particular. It’s my Christmas gift to you.

Praise for Not Quite Perfect Christmas:

Not Quite Perfect Christmas is a great and festive addition to the wonderful original.’

Librarian Lavender

This book has it all for a Christmas short story.

Sheerie Franks

Amazon UKAmazon US; Google Play; Kobo

French edition: Amazon France



11 thoughts on “About My Books

  1. I love the way you’ve done this – especially with your brilliantly honest family and friends bits! Really enaging and such fun to read, congrats on the new site, and a cracking kickoff!


  2. Oh Please-what is it with you authors!!

    Some of us like BOOKS-that is to say PAPER BASED BOOKS-real books-real reading material-couldn’t care less about digital crap!

    Ive just read ‘HOPE’ in paperback which was brilliant-different-well done -and of course it has an intro from LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT-which I would love to read-but forget it-only in that stupid kindle format!

    Come in some of us are serious fiction readers-why are all these great fun books lost just because of the stupidity of electronic readers!

    Thank you



    1. Dear John,
      whilst I am delighted that you enjoyed The Choir on Hope Street, I have to disagree with your comments regarding digital books. Firstly, it isn’t ‘us authors’ who decide whether our books are published as an eBook or in paperback but the publisher. Secondly, I think there is a place in the world for both digital and physical books – as long as people enjoy stories, words and ideas, it doesn’t matter how these reach them. The important thing is that people have access to a wide variety of formats be it printed, electronic, audio and so on. My eighty-two-year-old partially-sighted mother was able to read my books because of her Kindle – she wouldn’t have been able to without it. Here is a post I wrote a while back on this very subject and I stand by every word. http://www.albainbookland.com/2014/07/guest-post-i-digital-books-by-annie.html


  3. perhaps you would be kind enough to point out to your publishers that the cost of your new book is so expensive for a paperback that I could buy at least two or maybe three others ! I would love to get your new book but sorry wont be reading it until your publishers stop being so greedy and charge a decent price like everyone else!


  4. Just finished The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett, and though not as old as she, I am the early widow of a Berkeley scientist. I can empathize with her curt, dour, critical and often unwittingly humorous attitude toward others, before her frozen resolve begins to thaw in her begrudging embrace of Rose and Stanley. I have too often shared that attitude, but find it melting in the presence of my young granddaughters.

    The novel is a tonic and I look forward to reading more of your writing.


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